Twickenham Coding Evening July AKA the furnaces of hell

The July Coding Evening was set for July 1st, which turned out to be the hottest day of the year so far and the hottest July day on record…good. The upshot of this was that a number of new & existing guests got stuck in heavy traffic or non moving trains, or else quite simply just went home to sit in front of a fan (which a huge part of me wished I could do too). Add to that that the leader of our planned soldering activity was called away for a family emergency and I was a little bit anxious before we started.

I needn’t of been – the evening was another huge success with the amazing Richard Hayler coming to the rescue and taking charge of soldering in spite of the heat (along with his first student, Nic Hughes, who was eager to share his new knowledge with his next victim…er, I mean student). Marc Grossman had his Makey Makey on hand and Jon Coop brought along a PiCamera set up that he was eager to demonstrate to everyone.

There was a good selection of new faces, mostly teachers, one of whom was desperate to get a volunteer to help out with her SEBD children at the local college and her luck was in when one of the volunteers mentioned his apprentice, also a student at the same college, who would love to help out! Success – one very happy teacher.

Overall, the evening was another fun one, albeit quieter than usual and, once again, everyone was eager to share and discuss what they were doing in schools. It was a great community atmostphere and I can’t wait until the new term starts to host another evening!

Our next Twickenham meetup will be on 24th September (after we’ve all been on an adventure to PyconUK in Coventry, which is fantastic CPD if you can get there). Sign up here.


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