Horsham Coding Evening

HackHorsham in collaboration with Cat Lamin are hosting Horsham’s first Coding Evening for Teachers.  This is part of our plan to turn Horsham into a Digital Hub where we have thus far put on 30+ events for children and parents around the STEAM arena (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics).
Coding Evenings are an opportunity for teachers, Raspberry Pi enthusiasts and Code Club/Coder Dojo volunteers to come together to discuss the new computing curriculum in an informal and friendly environment, the pub!
This first session, hopefully of many, will be held at the Anchor Hotel Pub in Horsham on January 27th between 6.30pm to 9.30pm.
Do I need to be there for the whole 3 hours?
No!  This is an informal event, turn up and leave whenever you want.
I need people to help out at my school’s CodeClub
Then come along, we’ll have local tech enthusiasts who may well be able to volunteer their time to help you.
Will there be demos?
Yes, we will have local tech people plus companies/organisations such as STEM Sussex and CodeClub that we plan to bring down to demo stuff that you could use in your school.
Can I try stuff out?
This will be a very hands on session for those that want to try stuff out.
Can I ask questions?
Of course!
Where can I find more information?
Cat Lamin (cc’d) started this off in Twickenham and is a teacher herself.  Coding Evenings for Teachers are beginning to expand out to SouthEnd and PeterBorough, so Horsham is very much at the forefront of this effort.
Is this for Primary School Teachers? Secondary School?
All teachers, right up to college level.
Many thanks!

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