Twickenham Coding Evening

The Twickenham Coding Evening is hosted in the upstairs function room of the Royal Oak pub in Twickenham. The evenings usually start at around 6.30pm and finish whenever people go home (usually between 9 & 10pm). People tend to arrive at any time during the evening and order food and drink in the bar downstairs. Several people like to bring projects along to try out and demonstrate.

Information about Twickenham Events:

Upcoming event: Tuesday 28th November 2017- details & tickets here.

In February 2017, we tried out a new format, take a look at our schedule which included a few micro workshops.

You don’t need to pre-book, just drop in and join in as we go!

Here’s what we had running last time – feel free to request a repeat if there was something you missed and wished you’d seen:

7.00pm Micro:Bits with Nic Hughes

7.20pm Code Club & Makey Makey with Marc Grossman

7.40pm SenseHat with Richard Hayler

8.00pm Soldering with Stuart Ramdeen (£2 donation for solder-kit)

The first Twickenham coding evening was held on January 22nd 2015 in The Stokes and Moncreiff in Twickenham. Subsequent events have taken place regularly over the last few months.

At the January event, we looked at Raspberry Pi and how to use it in the classroom; we also discussed Code Club and Coder Dojo and their value to teachers. We were briefly demonstrated a fingerprint detector and people were given the opportunity to try things out.

In March, Nic Hughes brought along a GEMMA, which is wearable tech made by Adafruit and sold in the UK by Pimoroni. Nic enthusiastically told us how easy it was the code the NeoPixels to make your own coloured light patterns. I demonstrated a PiStop and people were shown how to get their Raspberry Pis ready to use in the classroom.

The May event was a robotics spectacular with Nic bringing Dot and Dash, two robots that were programmable via iPad. Marc Grossman joined us and brought along a Makey Makey and Richard Hayler demo-ed Mincraft Pi. We were also lucky enough to welcome Brian Egles, who runs Lego workshops in schools. A huge highlight of the evening was the group figuring out how to use Scratch GPIO to program a Unicorn Hat on the Raspberry Pi, but with the LEDs being controlled using the motion sensor from a LEGO EV3 robot (don’t worry if this sounds complicated – they explained it all to the rest of us and it actually seemed pretty easy).

In September, we were lucky enough to welcome PiTop who demonstrated both their existing product and a brand new idea that no one else had seen so we were really lucky. They also donated two Raspberry Pis to the group, which enabled some new computing teachers to take one home and make a start on their own learning journey.

Another amazing treat in September 2016 was that thanks to the generosity of Pimoroni, we were able to offer teachers their first drink for free, which really encouraged more teachers to turn up to the event. We hope to be able to offer similar deals in the future, so get in touch if you think you can help!

Over the course of 2016, we’ve had a number of incredible Coding Evenings and we’re so proud of all that the teachers who attend have achieved.

For reviews about Twickenham Coding Evening, take a look at these blog posts by Linda and Amy.

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