Updating things

I admit it, I’ve been terrible at updating this site. I will get around to it soon.

I’m so lucky to have such wonderful people attend Coding Evenings in Twickenham and it’s easy to forget that other people are interested in spreading the good news about teaching computer science too.

For now, rest easy in the knowledge that there will be a Twickenham Coding Evening on March 28th 2019 at The Royal Oak (the usual venue, which changed hands a couple of years ago and so changed names too). We’re hoping to have a robotics drop in since it’s a few days before PiWars (which, if you haven’t heard of… why not!?) as well as a few microtalks from innovative educators. If you have something you want to share then please get in touch!


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Twickenham Coding Evening – Change of Venue

As our usual venue is closed for renovations, we’re trying out a new venue, the Library Pot Games Cafe in Richmond.

Make sure you sign up here.

The Library Pot have generously given us their function room for free so the evening costs absolutely nothing, unless you want to get some food and drink from the bar upstairs! Please remember that the Library Pot is principally a games cafe so food service can sometimes be a little slow. There is usually a £5 fee for going to the Library Pot so grab this opportunity to have a quick look around and see what games they have in stock*


*NB you will have to pay entry fee if you choose to play games instead of attending Coding Evening – sorry 😉


Richmond College Coder Dojo

Richmond Upon Thames College are hosting their second Coder Dojo in half term – Katy and Janna are amazing ladies who regularly attend Twickenham Coding Evening and will be inviting young folk who want to learn to code to attend their event on Thursday 16th February between 2-4pm. If you know some children who would love to attend, sign them up here.

They’re also looking for mentors if you think you can help, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with them by emailing richmondcollegedojo@rutc.ac.uk


Twickenham Coding Evening – March

February’s new format turned out to be an amazing success – demos by Nic, Richard, Marc and Stuart were well received, although teachers seems anxious to actually try things out themselves and preferred to watch someone else make the mistakes (cue me, Stuart and Tim making fools of ourselves learning about Micro:Bit, Scratch and soldering).

Feedback was that it was very enjoyable and attendees would like to see more next month. So, here’s the schedule from February, if you’d like to offer a 20 mini workshop or request something you’d like to learn about, feel free to get in touch!

March’s event will be Friday 24th March and you can sign up here to let me know you’re coming.

Here are the workshops we held in February, just to give you a feel about what we did:

7.00pm Micro:Bits with Nic Hughes

7.20pm Code Club & Makey Makey with Marc Grossman

7.40pm SenseHat with Richard Hayler

8.00pm Soldering with Stuart Ramdeen (£2 donation for solder-kit)

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Congratulations Coder Dojo Richmond College

Today Katy Parnell, a regular at Twickenham Coding Evening, along with her colleague Janna, helped to organise a half term Coder Dojo at Richmond College. Workshops included Scratch, Kodu, Microbit and even Arduino and Katy managed to persuade Nic Hughes, Richard Hayler and Marc Grossman to come along and help out as well as myself.

With over 20 children in attendance, the event was a huge success and the children had an amazing time. There were lots of enthusiastic parents who really got involved too!

I’m so impressed with how amazingly hard Katy and Janna worked to make the event a success and I can’t help but feel a little bit proud that an alumni of Coding Evening is sharing her enthusiasm with others.

Well done Katy and Janna, good luck with the next one and hopefully we’ll see you all at the next Coding Evening in Twickenham on Thursday 10th November. Sign up here.

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Twickenham Coding Evening – May

With lots going on and the summer term heating up, I’ve realised I’ve forgotten to post about the upcoming May Coding Evening in Twickenham. We will be visited by Pi Top again who are eager to show off their new CEED, I’ve got my new CamJam Robot ready to show off and loads of other great bits and pieces to demo to teachers.

We’ll also be able to chat about the upcoming Wimbledon Raspberry Jam that I’m helping to organise.

So, get your free tickets here and we’ll see you on Thursday in Twickenham!