Twickenham Coding Evening – March

February’s new format turned out to be an amazing success – demos by Nic, Richard, Marc and Stuart were well received, although teachers seems anxious to actually try things out themselves and preferred to watch someone else make the mistakes (cue me, Stuart and Tim making fools of ourselves learning about Micro:Bit, Scratch and soldering).

Feedback was that it was very enjoyable and attendees would like to see more next month. So, here’s the schedule from February, if you’d like to offer a 20 mini workshop or request something you’d like to learn about, feel free to get in touch!

March’s event will be Friday 24th March and you can sign up here to let me know you’re coming.

Here are the workshops we held in February, just to give you a feel about what we did:

7.00pm Micro:Bits with Nic Hughes

7.20pm Code Club & Makey Makey with Marc Grossman

7.40pm SenseHat with Richard Hayler

8.00pm Soldering with Stuart Ramdeen (£2 donation for solder-kit)


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